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    Career Empowerment | Behavioural Facilitator | Keynote Speaker

    Aditya Sisodia is recognized for leadership skills , advanced the needs of working professionals with long-term strategies for growth in personal and professional sphere. Experience includes 10,000+ hours involves facilitation / presentation / training / consulting on a wide variety of topics across India.


    When change is thrust upon you, what will you do?

    • Achieve ownership of your actions?
    • Converge the action and thoughts?
    • Discipline yourself and work harder?
    • Own complete accountability?

    • Or do nothing?
    • Stay where you are emotionally or mentally?
    • Prevent self from undergoing change?
    • Do nothing and give up?

    Let Yourself Blossom.

    Have you ever picked yourself up before?
    Have you ever sat and think of the fact that how worthy you are?

    You know the fact you are capable of great things in life. You know that under the right circumstances you could go way far. You believe in yourself and in the things you can accomplish. You may have a vision of making your dreams a reality, of achieving the success you know could be yours.


    Take Control of Your Life

    Have you worked hard in a view to enjoy the pleasure after the hustle?
    Have you ever believed in the beauty of the power you have?

    Often, we feel like life as an endless battle of hurts that may never heal, fears may never leave, and dreams may never be realized ....

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  • Stop Talking Start Doing

    How often do your thoughts turn into actions?

    Fill your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. And irrespective of your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for courtesy to shower upon and come down upon high, but by....

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  • Design Your Life

    What principles in your life do you follow willingly?

    How about getting assisted in the prospects such as making a blue print of how your life should be and there after living it to the fullest?

    The key to become and maintain your best self....

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  • Discover Your Greatest Self

    Have you ever experienced yourself being stretched to get the best out of you?

    It’s time to stretch yourself, to grow and allow yourself to develop, be open and realize this as a journey of self-discovery....

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  • Take Back Your Life

    What all do you do to maintain your vital peace of mind?
    What do you do for your self-assessment in maintain your work life balance?

    For the fact you only live once, and life is tragically short, it’s easy to look at people who are happy and assume they don’t understand your pain....

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  • Pursue Your Dreams

    Why compromising on your dreams or passion?
    What is your true calling in life?

    Pursuing your dreams will give you determination to see your goals through, and will spark your creativity and boost ....

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    How efficiently do you own the extreme ownership of your life?
    How well deserving are you to be called the leader of your actions?
    How are you owning up the actions?
    How successfully have you metaled your personal identity as your professional identity or work identity?

    Book an appointment

    to book your appointment now

    How efficiently do you own the extreme ownership of your life?
    How well deserving are you to be called the leader of your actions?
    How are you owning up the actions?
    How successfully have you metaled your personal identity as your professional identity or work identity?

    Have you ever come across such vibrations (so called the Belief Triggers) mentioned below, within yourself that has been believed to have stopped the behavioral change within yourself.

    • If I understand, I will do.
    • If have willpower and won’t give in to temptation.
    • “At least I’m better than….”
    • I shouldn’t need help and structure
    • I won’t get hired and my enthusiasm will not fade.
    • I have all the time in the world?
    • I won’t get distracted and nothing unexpected will occur.
    • An epiphany will suddenly change my life.
    • My change will be permanent and I will never have to worry again.
    • My elimination of old problems will not bring on new problems.
    • My efforts will be fairly rewarded.
    • No one is paying attention to me.
    • If I change I am “inauthentic.”
    • I have wisdom to assess my own behavior.

  • Accept to adapt the behavior to new situations (triggers) with ownership and accountability of oneself.
  • Along with trying new things, remember to give yourself time to have fun, relax and unplug from the daily stress.
  • Sometimes inactivity gives your brain a chance to recharge and remain flexible to new experiences.
  • Filling up your time with work, tasks and obligations is a free ticket to mental and physical fatigue.
  • Push yourself away from your desk and always remember to embrace life.


    • “Meeting Aditya was a defining moment in my professional career. It has been inspiring to work with Aditya and see how he develops and tailors together with you his career coaching program according to your needs. He has a great personality, filled with warmth and genuine caring. His insight, dedication, and integrity are second to none. He is a terrific executive coach and speaker. Without a doubt, it was an invaluable investment for my career and for my life in a way too. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with him. I have personally referred others to invest in his services who have equally got value from his coaching sessions."

      Shubham Sharma

      Digital Marketing Lead|Social Media Marketing|Business Analyst

    • “Being coached by Aditya is an enlightening experience. He creates an entirely safe environment for me to thoroughly understand and explore my career, my goals, my priorities, and my innate talents. On a practical level, his deep knowledge and experience guided me in the development of a succinct, accurate, dynamic and marketable profile. More importantly, though, Aditya has deepened my own understanding of myself, of people management and even of corporate climate. Aditya’s guidance has been instrumental in paving the way toward new and better opportunities. Investment in his services have been rewarding and I must say he is one of the few people who give you 10X rate of engagement."

      Monica kundlani

      Senior Commercial officer

    • “Aditya is an Inspiration!! Aditya possess the unique art of effortlessly bringing out the best in people through an amazingly empathetic and enriching dialogue! It is rare to find this strong mix of emotional and cognitive intelligence that Aditya presents. He is a keen listener and quickly gauged who I am as a person. He figured out what motivates me, learned where I wanted to take my career and helped me to "see and hear" what it was I was saying to him. When I found myself considering a step-wise change, he encouraged me to step outside and take a journey. I am so glad I did. He is a talented coach, a motivator, and someone I now call my friend. Please feel free to approach for investment in the services of Aditya Sisodia. As I highly recommend him!"

      Kunal Singh

      Design Services

    • “I strongly recommend Aditya as a career coach. He takes the time to know you, help you identify all of your strengths and then works with you to construct a strong portfolio of customized tools to enhance your job search. He always has time for you, and you will complete your time with him feeling confident and positive about what you have to offer the job market.”


      Associate Consultant

    • “Aditya is a focused professional with a genuine intent to make a difference.I have personally worked with Aditya and known him for quite some time. Our association and mutual investment in the domain of emotional wellness and learning and development of Generation Z and Millenials have been fruitful. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Aditya. I strongly recommend him! ”

      Rajat Soni

      Teen-Life & Parenting Coach|NLP Practitioner|EFT Practitioner

    • “When it comes to career advise, Mr Aditya shows the right path. He is the perfect guide. His tips for cracking interviews are perfect and effective. He is highly motivating and helpful . His presence of mind and his understanding of a person's personality is what sets him apart from other recruiters in the market.He is aware of the market scenario and work environment. I am really thankful for all his help and effort in getying my new job.”

      Apeksha Pant


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